A Race In Three Centuries 1881–2019

Sedbergh’s Ten Mile race is a very special event, one in which most pupils will have taken part. It is unique in its severity and length. Many Old Sedberghians will remember their times!

Norman Berry has now updated his previous book The Wilson Run, the First Hundred Years to include the years 1981 – 2019. This comprehensive and compelling addition to the race’s history, records the breaking of a 94-year-old record; the Centenary race attended by Sebastian Coe; the record broken for a second time; and since 2002 the inclusion of girls, who have created their own remarkable records, and contributed to increased numbers taking part in the race. The unpredictability of the race has seen the emergence of unlikely heroes, and misfortune and disappointment for some favourites.

This extensive history, bound in an attractive hard cover, includes hundreds of historic photographs.